1 machine
many functions.

The YAZICILAR KITPRO cutter / grinder Grrange delivers outstanding performance in multiple fields. Only an extra-ordinary machine with a strong motor, variable speed and perfect geometry parts can deliver multiple functions with 1 machine.

1- High quality homogenization of organic products including products of high viscosity, including solid fats like lard.

2- Cutting and mixing of hard-soft-liquid-solid organic products to prepare any kind of food product including hummus, pesto, sauces, purees, pates and more.

3- Chop all kinds herbs and leafy vegetables in a snap, thanks to the high quality blades and high speed rotation of the knive unit.

4- Grind spices, dry leaves, oil-rich nuts and sugar into find powder at high speed. A pioneer of dry-grinding since 40 years, we are experts of high-quality grinding of delicate nuts and spices.

5- Liquify vegetable and fruits, beyond a blender's capability. Process water-rich organic products into homogenised liquids.

6- Knead quick-doughs without using a dedicated dough kneader thanks to high power motors and the advanced scraper.

do more
using the same resources.

From 2 to 120 Liters, YAZICILAR KITPRO range of cutter / mixers deliver outstanding performance delivering efficiency. You can do more with your current workforce, thanks to patented technologies and inventions only we deliver.

Thanks to removable bowls and knive units, cleaning and hygiene control during switching between different products is easy and safe. You can switch your manufacturing from avioli to potato puree without compromising on allergen safety or the danger of your puree smelling garlic.

Using only one kind of machine, you are able to make different kind of end products:

Hummus, mayonnaise, pesto sauces, harissa, lutenitsa, ajvar, pate, purees can be made à la minute (immediately prepared) or hundreds of kg. for packaging and distribution to supermarkets.

Designed and
manufactured for the chefs

From the smallest to the largest, our product line up is tried and tested in real life conditions.

The game changing scraper unit cuts production times up to 50%. The unique geometry scraper is a double-function tool. The first function is to push the processed material into the cutting chamber, increasing the speed of the operation. The second function is scraping the sides of the bowl and the cover, to make sure the product is processed in perfect homogeneity.

Scrapers are offered in all our models from 6 to 120 liters. Please ask your sales consultant to make sure you get yours.

Choose the HummusMaster for velvet smooth hummus!

The HummusMaster logo promise high speed operation, perfect alignment of blades and the double-effect scraper.

Look for the HummusMaster logo on your cutter, and make the best hummus in town!

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