Yazicilar Industrial Catering Machinery Factory
YAZICILAR Makina founded in 1981 has specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of industrial catering machinery. A real engineering company, our aim is to serve the market with products that are: useful, powerful, durable, efficient, increasing the value of the personnel
ecosystem and able to manufacture food healthy for the body.

For more than 39 years now, from the most elite hotels of the world to the simple family restaurants in the Turkish countryside, tens of thousands of our machinery is used every day, under heavy loads and demanding kitchen environments, serving the kitchen workers every day.
YAZICILAR Makina exports to more than 60 countries. Including highly sophisticated markets like Western Europe and America, our products are widely accepted around the world markets with their high standarts of production and quality.

YAZICILAR is a catering equipment supplier that exhibits in international exhibitions periodically with its own brand. Every year, we are increasing our brand awareness in the eyes of distributors and consumers. Our aim is to become a known brand in the sector, first in surrounding countries and western europe and later in the wider world markets.

Our state of the art professional testing equipment and our quality control procedures guarantee that our products comply with the European Unions norms and Electrical Safety standarts.

Welcome to the world of YAZICILAR. Yazıcılar makes you faster.