40 years of experience for your business, at your fingertips.

In this section, we present you different solutions for different application and industries.

Traditional Restaurants

Lebanese, Turkish, Chinese or Indian

It is possible with our machines to chop onions, make currys, kebabs, prepare hummus, and with the vegetable processor grate radish-carrot for salads and grate cheese for pide and kebaps.


Prepare meat sauces, cut meat, make hummus or gravies.

Artisan restaurants

It is possible to prepare the main bases of the dishes – make purees – mashed vegetables and more with cutters. Durable vegetable processing machines are at your disposal for slicing, shredding, grating and cubic cutting for cooked dishes, salads or appetizers.


Vegetable processing machines have been serving pizzerias for nearly 40 years to slice charcuterie such as salami and sausages; to slice vegetables such as pepper, zucchini, and eggplants and grate cheese.

It is also possible to prepare pizza sauces and dip sauces with our cutters.

Modern cafe and street food

Cutters/homogenizers with a wide range of skills are available to prepare a wide variety of guacomole, hummus, mayonnaise, pestos, salad dressings and purees needed in modern fusion kitchens. It is possible to slice ​​onion and other vegetables used extensively in street food with vegetable processing machines.

You can make doner sauces and other special mixes with our top quality cutters.


You can produce bread crumbs and similar dry products by grinding the dried-returned breads. You can also use vegetable processing machines to prepare the stuffing of various bakery products.

Fruit purees and vegetable mashes can be prepared using our cutters to serve together with bakery products or to fill inside cookies.


You can produce all the sauces and mixtures required to serve the world cuisines that the hotel restaurants will offer to their international guests with high precision and in every required quantity.

You can use cutters to produce fresh and excellent quality products in your own kitchen; including appetizers, hummus, pastries and many more dishes served in open buffet breakfasts, lunch and dinners. You can also produce sliced ​​vegetables, salads and similar products served at the open buffets with vegetable processing machines.

Use our cutter/homogenizers for the preparation of special mayonnaise, hummus, pestos and other sauces needed in banquets and invitations. Create finger food dressed with delicious sauces made fresh at your kitchens.

Hospitals and

other public eating

You can produce a wide variety of sauces and mixes with cutters to meet the ever-increasing hygiene needs and special requirements. Products with reduced fat; flavor enhancing sauces and delicious mashed potatoes that everyone loves. Using vegetable processing machines; slice-grate-cut cubes to prepare all kinds of meals and salads.

Cutters deliver high quality homogenizing so you can serve delicious food to everyone by simply making purees of every kind of food including meat and vegetables. Cutters with powerful motors and scrapers can be used to mash any kind of food stuff so that the elderly and various patients can consume them easily.

Spice shops and traders

High speed grinders for grinding dried spices are our 40 years of expertise. You can grind and powderise chili peppers, cinnamon, seeds and all other dry stuff. You can obtain the perfect powder product by preserving the features of the product with our grinders offered in two sizes.

You can prepare spice mixes for resale. You can process freshly ground spices per order in front of your customers.

Dessert and Cake Manufacturers

You can grind pistachio, walnut and hazelnut used in baklava, kadayif or other sweets using grinders. Instead of buying ready-made powders, you can prepare first class products yourself.

Using our cutters, you can make your own peanut butter and similar pastes for your own use or for resale.

You can prepare fine quality fruit purees for decoration and filling.

Fabricated food producers

Our cutters have been used for decades; to produce sauces, pastes and appetizers at the highest standards used in packaged food consumed in airplane meals, airport catering, military catering and similar catering to-go. You can use variable-speed cutter-homogenizers to prepare local flavors and international specialties.

Ready-to-eat appetizer/mezze/tapas producers can rely on cutters to produce a wide variety of products homogeneously and in high quality. Prepare hummus, tsatsiki or mayonaise varieties to be packaged and sold to supermarkets, restaurants and other consumers. You can slice various vegetables and prepare the ingredients of various Russian and Italian salads with vegetable processing machines.

Canned food producers can use our machines to prepare canned hummus, pastes and much more.

A Chef’s machine

Our cutters can go up to high speeds that are not possible with ordinary machines. You can get higher quality products thanks to this high speed. With powerful motors, you can prepare harder mixtures – you can prepare dense meat pates and mixtures with high fat content. You can produce products that oxidize much later and have a high shelf life. A chef’s machine – with which you can use to prepare the most sophisticated sauces precisely. You can prepare high quality products without wasting a drop and compromising product quality.

All our products are designed to the highest standards, for intensive professional use and are manufactured with years of experience. Call us for more information and we will be happy to assist you.