L45IV / L65IV

L45IV / L65IV

  • Model : L45IV/L65IV
  • Capacity : 45 lt./ 65 lt.
  • Speed : 600-3000 rpm
  • Power : 7.5 kW/11 kW
  • Rating : 3 ph
  • w x l x h : 69 x 55 x 124 cm
  • Capacity/Batch : 15 kg/ 22 kg
  • Capacity/Hour : 225 kg/330 kg
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45/65 liter capacity- Next level in professionality

L45IV and L65IV are designed for our clients who wish to achieve greater capacity with fewer machines. Robust contruction and the heavy duty design promises longeivity.

The 4 blade knive promises great performance in short time. The upper blades process the upper half of the bowl while the lower blades process the lower half. This way the product is evenly processed in the shortest time periods. This avoids overheating and the spoiling of the end-product.

Do more with variable speed

These two model features variable speed function. This is another generation compared to anything with single or double speeds. With steplessly variable speed; you can vary the speed of the blades for every application and process. We make variable speed possible with the most modern technology available: variable frequency inverter drives. We offer high power, reliability and work safety thanks to our state of the art electronic equipment in the machines.

Safety Standards

Operator safety is at maximum. The machine does not start if it does not detect the bowl and the cover in their places protecting the operator. Also, the electronic panel runs on low voltage being compliable with the international standards.


SKU: L45IV/L65IV Categories: ,