DES Line

DES Line

  • Model : L6/L9/L11DES
  • Capacity : 6-9-11 lt.
  • Speed : 1500 rpm.
  • Power : 1500 rpm.
  • w x l x h : 6-9-11 lt.
  • Capacity/Batch : 2 kg./3 kg.4 kg.
  • Capacity/Hour : 30 kg/45 kg/60 kg
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Direct-drive form-factor

Thanks to the direct-drive design; you get high speed, low noise and maintenance free operation. A small footprint on your counter thanks to the powerful direct-drive form factor. Direct drive means, there is no belt to drive the knive unit. The knive is directly attached to the motor shaft. The standart machine is delivered with a 1500 rpm. motor but you may choose the 3000 rpm. version. For general applications; including hummus and mayo, we reccomend the standart version.

Technical advances

The new silicon cover seal, the highest liquid capacity in the industry and a small footprint on your counter are the other advantages. The bowl cutter is part of the Hummusmaster family, meaning it is good for perfect creamy hummus.



DES line is single speed, good for a wide range of applications such as; pates, purees, sauces, pastes and mayonnaise. Being a member of the Hummusmaster® family, it is good for making the perfect creamy hummus.

Safety Standards

Operator safety is at maximum. The hommos machine does not start if it does not detect the cover in its place, protecting the operator. Also, the electronic panel runs on low voltage being compliable with the international standards.

Instead of the electronic panel control, you may choose the optional IP65 push button controls.