• Model : L6-L9-L11BES
  • Capacity : 6-9-11 lt.
  • Speed : 2000 rpm.
  • Power : 0,55/0,75/1,1 kW
  • w x l x h : 23 x 49 x 34 cm.
  • Capacity/Batch : 2 kg./3 kg.4 kg.
  • Capacity/Hour : 30 kg/45 kg/60 kg
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Belt-drive form-factor allows you to tackle every-day tasks at great ease. BES line bowl cutter is good for mixing, chopping, homogenizing and kneading organic materials with consistency. The belt drive ensures physical protection of the motor against overloading. The side-by-side orientation of the motor and the bowl provides a low-profile machine with which you can see the inside easily.



BES line is single speed, good for a wide range of applications such as; pates, purees, sauces, pastes and mayonnaise. Being a member of the Hummusmaster® family, it is good for making the perfect creamy hummus.

Safety Standards

Operator safety is at maximum. The machine does not start if it does not detect the bowl and the cover in their places protecting the operator. Also, the electronic panel runs on low voltage being compliable with the international standards.

You may choose the optional push-button control configuration with IP65 buttons.


SKU: L6-L9-L11BES Categories: ,