Warranty time and terms depend on the country of purchase. Our distributors around the world provide parts and service. If you need technical support please fill the contact form on the website. We are keen to help.
All the products you see on our website has been designed and manufactured in our modern manufacturing facility in Izmir, on the very west part of Turkey by the Aegean sea. All design, production, quality control and marketing is made under the same roof with great care.
We handle all our EU operations through our subsidy in Bulgaria. We will deliver your product from there, and you will be exempt from customs taxes.
YAZICILAR is distributed in the USA with stock. Please contact our distributor and they will be happy to help.
All our products are CE marked certified by a third-party notified testing company.

All YAZICILAR products offer the highest standarts in work safety measures available in today’s technology. These passive safety measures include: sensors, magnets and micro switches. In addition to these measures, designers take into consideration the ergonomy of the user and details about the height and muscle power of the machine operator. All moving parts are enclosed in protective bodies. For doors and openings, sensors watch against any dangerous exposition. In addition warning labels and highly graphic user’s manuals put user safety to top priority.

We have many distributors around the world. We are also looking for new partners for the future. If you are a professional distributor of food service equipment please contact us via our contact form.