G1 Grinder

Grinder model G1 is used to grind and powderise small quantities of dry materials. The original tilting Grinder G1 is produced since almost 40 years ago. The machine takes up a small space on the counter and is easy to use. The design is immitated world-wide, but never come close to the original quality. Thanks to the very high revolution speeds of the cutting knive, the oil and the sap of the goods stay in the dry powder. As an example; let's talk about walnuts. If you process walnuts with ordinary cutter/homogenizers; due to rising temperatures and long process times, the oil of the walnut will come out and produce a wet and bitter powder. The G1 makes a dry powder with all the oil still inside the particles. That is the quality we seek to achieve to produce high class artisan bakery products, desserts and other ingredients.

Category: Molinos
Model: G1
Capacity: 5 lt.
Speed: 18000 rpm.
Power: 0.6 kW
Capacity/Batch (sugar): 1000 gr.
Capacity/Hour (sugar): 16 kg.