Competition - Blixer vs Kitpro Cutter


We use strong motors. For every capacity increase, we install stronger motors. Most of our competitors use low-power motors. This means the bowl capacities are not justified by the correct motor powers. Our machines are tested to make sure they have sufficient power for the most demanding applications.

We use INDUCTION MOTORS. These are also called asynchronous motors. Please compare the motor types of the machines, when making a decision.


Brush Motor

Maintenance need


Yes, brush replacement

Industrial standard

Yes, a standard part

No, custom part

Noise level


Usually high

Reliability in kitchen


No, humidity kills the motor

Source: Google Images

Blixer from Robot Coupe vs. a YAZICILAR Cutter:

A blixer is a cutter with a scraper installed. All of KITPRO & YAZICILAR counter-top cutters can be fitted with a scraper. All covers are designed to withstand liquids and thanks to the tall bowl chimneys, you can process more liquids than our competitors.

The superior YAZICILAR scraper assembly

Build quality of the YAZICILAR machines is the result of a long tradition of making fine machinery. Every unit is tested against quality defects. Electrical safety is tested by state-of-the-art equipment. Ask the ones who know, they will tell you about the difference between us and them.

Beyond competition, the environment and the well-being of its employees have been a tradition of the YAZICILAR family since the foundation of the company. Our factory is located near a big forest and creates minimal emissions to the environment. Our employees are paid well above average and served high-quality healthy food every day. We work 5 days a week in a super clean factory with high ceilings and very clean air. Our packaging includes very minimal plastics and no styrofoam.