High-capacity high-speed Grinding

Standing machine designed for high speed grinding

Thanks to the very high revolution speeds of the cutting knive, the oil and the sap of the goods stay in the dry powder. As an example; let's talk about walnuts. If you process walnuts with ordinary cutter/homogenizers; due to rising temperatures and long process times, the oil of the walnut will come out and produce a wet and bitter powder. The G6 makes a dry powder with all the oil still inside the particles. That is the quality we seek to achieve to produce high class artisan bakery products, desserts and other ingredients.

The G6 Grinder is used extensively in laboratories, food inspection facilities and more. Grind pills, leaves and other things into a fine powders for examination and further processing. 20 Liter bowl for companies with higher capacity needs. Overturning and removable bowl for efficient operation and the bowl and the knife are both removable for hygiene and easy cleaning. The 7000 rpm. high-speed grinder delivers exceptional results not found in ordinary cutter / homogenizers.

KITPRO is the technological leader of high speed grinding machines with an experience spanning more than 40 years. Electronically controlled high frequency AC motor delivers speeds up to 7000 rpm. - noise and maintenance free. Conventional brush motors or belt-drive systems are eliminated thanks to the modern techniques used in the G series grinders.

Only at ultra-high speeds; you can keep the nut oils inside, process powder sugar from regular sugar, mix and grind herbs and spices. All in a matter of seconds. Conventional cutters can only reach 3000 rpm. knife revolution speed. This is not enough! At 3000 rpm., you can not make powder sugar or process nuts without spoiling them.

There is multiple systems in place, to ensure safety of the operator. In addition, there are multiple systems to avoid overloading of the machine. All these systems ensure protection against abusive use and overload, protecting your investment for years to come. The knife and the bowl is both autoclave suitable for maximum hygiene in demanding applications.

Features and Options

Details for Professionals

IP65 Controls

2 speeds

Thermal Protection

Maintenance free

Induction Motor


Removable knives

Removable bowl



Comparison Table

G6 G20 G45
Capacity 6 Liters 20 Liters 45 Liters
Power 1,5kW 5,5kW 7,5kW
Speed 7000rpm 3000-7000rpm 3000-7000rpm
Rating 220V 1ph 380V 3ph 380V 3ph
High-speed grinding
IP65 Controls
Induction motor
Removable bowl
Thermal relay
DataSheet DataSheet DataSheet

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