BD75L Belt Cutting Machine


Process in desired thickness.

  • Process many kinds of leafy vegetables, herbs, long bodied vegetables and fruits.
  • Adjust the thinkness of the end product between 1 mm and 15 mm.
  • Adjust the speed of the knife and the belt.
  • Continuous feeding with the conveyor belt
  • Next generation vegetable processor

Next generation commercial food chopper


You can now slice leafy vegetables like parsley, lettuce or spinach which are not possible to process with conventional disc bearing vegetable prep machine. In addition, the limited flexibility you could have with different discs is virtually surpassed with the fully variable cut thickness between 1 to 15 mm.

Food contact safe belt and the stainless steel constructions provides hygiene and customer convenience. Also, being a user friendly model, tthe vegetable prep machine runs on monophase electricity and does not require complex installation.


250 kg/hour-The Capacity of professionals


Steplessly vary the conveyor belt moving speed and the knive revolution speed and get thickness results between 1 to 15 mm. Capacities up to 250 kg./ hour can be achieved for making loads of tabouhleh or salads for your salad bar. You can process leafy vegetables, long bodied vegetables like cucumbers or fruits like bananas or tomatos with minimum damage and minimum loss.


Safety Standards


The vegetable cutting machine incorporates double safety switches to protect the operator from misuse and work accidents. Should the vegetable cutting machine not confirm that the side and front covers are not properly closed, the belt and knive won’t turn on. Additionally, the commercial food chopper machine is physically designed to avoid work accidents.





w x l x h




Değişken / Variable

0,18 kW

100 X 74 X 125 cm

250 kg/hour

Why BD75L?

  • Why should I choose this machine against a standart disc-type vegetable processor?

    "Only this machine can cut leafy vegetables like lettuces, spinach or parsley. Besides when slicing, you need to change discs for different thickness results, when using a conventional disc cutter. With this machine, you only vary the belt and knive speed to get steplessly variable thickness. "

  • "What is the range of cutting thickness? "

    "You can vary the cut thickness between 1 to 15 mm., steplessly. "

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