SP10E Onion Peeler Onion Peeler

SP10E Onion Peeler

260 kg/ hour capacity.

Standin onion peeling machine with the tilt mechanism


  • 10 kg capacity per batch
  • Easy to change stainless steel disc for maximum hygiene
  • Tilting mechanism for emptying the bowl
  • In built digital timer

The optimum onion peeling machine


SP10E was designed from ground up to peel onions. The unique stainless steel peeling disc and the hollow structure delivers true performance.


Many machines are advertised to be peeling both potatos and onions. When you look at the acutal results, those machines can not peel onions - or - peel them continously. Onions are completely different vegetables and require a completely different approach like in this machine.


We designed a stainless steel peeling disc specifically for onions. No carborandum coated nor regular stainless steel peeler equipped machine can manage to peel onions like the SP10E thanks to the unique teeth present in the peeling surface tearing the skin of the onion apart.


The hollow structure

The machine has a unique structure for onion peeling. Normally potato peeling machines have a hose outlet for the exit of excess water and the potato skins. However onion skins are very sticky and easily block these holes.


The SP10E does not have a drain in the peeling tank but indeed the whole underneath of the machine is open; virtually eliminating any blockages. The excess water and skins fall down; the skins are collected in the skin collector; and only water flows into your drain.


Safety Standards


Operator safety is at maximum. The machine does not start if it does not detect the cover in their places protecting the operator. Also, the electronic panel runs on low voltage being compliable with the international standards.





w x l x h




10 kg

300 rpm.

0,37 kW

61 x 38 x 108 cm

10 kg.

260 kg.

Why SP10E Onion Peeler?

  • Can't I use a potato peeling machine to peel onions?

    The potato peeling machines would be usually uneffective in peeling onions. The most important problem would be that the machine's drain hose will be blocked with onion skins only after a few times.

  • Does the machine use water?

    "Yes, to soften the onion skins and to aid the removal of the skins; the machine sprays water on the onions constantly. This water also helps wash the onions. "

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