LS10E Lemon Skin Peeling Machine


Lemon peeling machine with tilt mechanism.

This machine is specially designed for grating the skin of lemons and various similar fruits.


  • 10 kg capacity per batch
  • Easy to change stainless steel disc for maximum hygiene
  • Tilting mechanism for emptying the bowl
  • In built digital timer

Lemon skin peeling - something fresh


Cheese cakes, ice-creams or real lemonade. Lemons and oranges are undisputedly one of the widest used fruits in food sector.


The outer skins of lemons, oranges and the other fruits of the same family hold great taste and nutrition value.


Our LS10E model let's you peel lemon and orange skins, with great ease. No water is used during processing so that the aromas of the skins are not lost.


Hygiene and easy to clean


The machine design allows the peeled skins to readily fall into the collector tank. You can easily move away the skins collected in the collector tank. To unload the peeled lemons, simply un-latch the cover and tilt down the machine. The peeled lemons will fall down.


Safety Standards


Operator safety is at maximum. The machine does not start if it does not detect the cover in their places protecting the operator. Also, the electronic panel runs on low voltage being compliable with the international standards.





w x l x h




10 kg

300 rpm.

0,37 kW

61 x 38 x 108 cm

10 kg.

260 kg.

Why LS10E?

  • Does the machine use water?

    "No, the process is dry. This way the precious aromas do not get lost into the waste water. "

  • Can I peel oranges?

    Yes you can peel oranges with the model LS10E. Some users put in a few pieces of oranges between lemons for the perfect lemonade mix.

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