G20 Grinder Grinder

G20 Grinder

Standing Spice Grinder with tilt.


  • Professional grinder for busy work-loads
  • High capacity and non-stop operation
  • Removable and cleanable part
  • Inverter drive protecting motor against misuses and
    enabling variable speed.

20 Liters for maximum output


20 Liter bowl for companies with higher capacity needs. Overturning and removable bowl for efficient operation and the bowl and the knife are both removable for hygiene and easy cleaning.

All stainless steel construction for a robust and lasting machine. Polycarbonate cover and high-quality stainless steel bowl and knife blades promise hygiene.


Up to 8000 rpm!


You need to be YAZICILAR fast. Only then, you can keep the nut oils inside, process powder sugar from regular sugar, mix and grind herbs and spices. All in a matter of seconds. Conventional cutters can only reach 3000 rpm. knife revolution speed. This is not enough! At 3000 rpm., you can not make powder sugar or process nuts without spoiling them.

The new generation of high-capacity, dry-good spice grinder from YAZICILAR is manufactured for operation with three-phase electricity.


Safety Standards


Operator safety is at maximum. Standing Spice Grinder does not start if it does not detect the bowl and the cover in their places. Double safety system detect the absence of the bowl or/and the cover and block operation. This way yourself or your employees are protected against misuse and work accidents.





w x l x h




20 lt.

8000 rpm.

5.5 kW

60 x 38 x 133 cm

5 kg.

60 kg.

Why G20 Grinder?

  • Do I have to work in 8000 rpm all the time?

    Of course not. Our G20 models feature a speed dial, to control the speed of the machine from 1200 rpm to 8000 rpm.This way you can choose the best speed for your application.

  • Why should I buy a “grinder” instead of a “cutter”? They look the same.

    They look the same, the difference is the speed and the electric and mechanical foundation that supports this speed. Only when the knive turns fast enough (up to 8000 rpm) then you can achieve professional results and premium products.

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