G1 Spice Grinder


G1 Grinder

  • Takes up very small space and easy to use with the overturning tank. Works with very high speed, perfectly protecting the material characteristics.
  • Compact machine for grinding all kinds of dry goods
  • Affordable and reliable for years to come
  • Professional results for multiple purposes

The perfect performer


Unparalelled performance makes sure you produce perfect results. The high speed motor makes sure you are done quickly before the material heat up and gets spoiled. The particle size can be determined by the length of the operation. For finer particle sizes, keep the machine running.


The oil and the sap of the goods stay in the powder. If you don’t grind delicate material for instance walnuts; the oil of the walnut will come out and produce a wet and bitter powder. The G1 makes a dry powder with all the oil still inside the particles. That is quality.



The G1 Spice Grinder is used extensively in laborotories, inspection offices and more. Grind pills, leaves and other things into a fine powder for examination and further processing.

Make powder sugar, corn flour in addition to grinding walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, dry leaves, ginger, black pepper and more and more.


Safety Standards


Operator safety is at maximum. The machine does not start if it does not detect the cover in their places protecting the operator. Also, the electronic panel runs on low voltage being compliable with the international standards.





w x l x h




5 lt.

13000 rpm.

0.6 kW

28 x 24 x 40 cm

500 gr.

15 kg.

Why G1 ?

  • What kind of stuff can I process with the grinder?

    Even though there are domestic products with metal bodies, they are never intended for frequent use. They can not withstand professional use and their wiring systems, their mechanical systems and their motors are not designed for professional use. You would end up with a broken machine in the middle of your work-day and mostly the machine with its plastic parts will not even be worth reparing. Eve

  • How many grams of product can be processed per turn? How long will it take to grind?

    "This is very variable. It depends on the product characteristic. If it is a heavy product like sugar, you can process 150-200 grams of sugar per turn. For heavy stuff, the general loading limit is the level of the upper knive, thus about 1/3 of the bowl height. The process of turning it into powder sugar will take you 10 to 20 seconds depending on your desired result. For light stuff like dry lea

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