E20 Meat Cutting Machine


Special purpose cutters to cut meat into minced meat.

Special purpose cutters to cut meat into minced meat. The cutting process in the machine keeps the flavours and juices of the meat inside. The taste and flavour of the meat prepared is much better compared to meat minced in traditional mincing machines.


  • E20 is the standing model with a 20 liter bowl and special shaped knive blades.
  • Prepare traditional kebabs
  • 8 kg./turn capacity
  • Stainless steel, solid construction
  • Detachable bowl and blades.

20 Liters - Capacity for professionals


The E20 can process 8 kg.’s of raw meat (boneless) and fat at one turn. Great for making kebaps, specialty meatballs and hamburgers. You will definetely taste the difference. This model works with single-phase electricity. The capacity is enough to feed the hunger of a medium scale restaurant.


The special shaped blades and the purpose made obstacles in the walls of the bowl cutter delivers excellent results. The knive blades and the knive body is made of stainless steel for hygiene and durability.

Traditional taste with modern techniques


The cutting process takes around 15-20 seconds and then you have a sponge like and puffy minced meat.

Add the raw meat, fat, salt, pepper and in a matter of seconds, your customers will think, you processed the kebab with traditional methods.


Safety Standards


Operator safety is at maximum. The machine does not start if it does not detect the bowl and the cover in their places. Double safety system detect the absence of the bowl or/and the cover and block operation. This way yourself or your employees are protected against misuse and work accidents.The panel works with low voltages in par with international standarts.





w x l x h




20 Lt.

1000 rpm

1,5 kW

50 x 52 x 91 cm

8 kg.

160 kg.

Why E20?

  • Why should I choose this model over a normal cutter?

    Meat cutting for making kebabs is a special procedure. A regular cutter would make a paste of the meat. Kebab is not a pate, it is minced meat with a special character. The design of the E10 model is specifically designed for the purpose of preparing kebab meat.

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