L6E Cutter Cutter

L6E Cutter

L6E is the table top model including a 6Lt. bowl and one flat blade.

L6E is the table top model including a 6Lt. bowl and one flat blade.


  • Cut, mix and homogenise
  • Process every kind of organic material
  • Affordable yet professional durability

6 Liters - Capacity for everyone

The 6 Liter capacity bowl is optimally sized for the needs of cafeterias, restaurants and other places where the capacity needs are not very high although certainly in need of a professional equipment to withstand heavy labour and endless use. 

The strong motor and high working torque makes sure you can fully fill the bowl cutter with vegetables or fruits and the machine will not hesitate to start and easily process the products inside.


Do more


Polycarbonate cover enables you to see the cutting process while the hole on top of the cover enables you to add oil or other ingredients during processing.

You can chop onion, garlic, tomato and pepper into desired thickness without squashing them and removing their juice. L6E is the table top model including a 6Lt. bowl and one flat blade.


Safety - standart


Operator safety is at maximum. The machine does not start if it does not detect the bowl and the cover in their places.


Double safety system detect the absence of the bowl or/and the cover and block operation. This way yourself or your employees are protected against misuse and work accidents.The machine incorporates a digital control panel for ergonomy and ease of use.





w x l x h




6 lt.

900 rpm.

0,37 kW

46 x 22 x 32 cm

2 kg.

30 kg

Why L6E Cutter?

  • Why should I choose this model over a domestic (home-type) cutter?

    Even though there are domestic products with metal bodies, they are never intended for frequent use. They can not withstand professional use and their wiring systems, their mechanical systems and their motors are not designed for professional use. You would end up with a broken machine in the middle of your work-day and mostly the machine with its plastic parts will not even be worth reparing. Eve

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