PS12E Potato Peeling Machine


Potato Peeling Machine

PS12E tilting vertical potato peeler.


  • 12 kg capacity per batch
  • Easy to change stainless steel disc for maximum hygiene
  • Tilting mechanism for emptying the bowl
  • In built digital timer

12 kg. for every professional kitchen


Every part of your kitchen is covered with "carborandum" coated. Quite against hygiene standards and undisputedly un-healthy looking; These carborandum coatings are only renewed in a professional work-shop. If you are in a

remote place, this can be a very big problem and expensive indeed.


The stainless steel disc of the PS12E Potato Peeler, looks shiny and bright all through its lifetime and provides excellent hygiene. It shaves off potatos just like a shaver does so. It is very easy to change the disc. The knob in the center is unfastened, and the new disc is placed in the place. There is no need for service.


This way, the delivery of a flat disc is all that is needed to renew the peeling disc


Tilting design for faster unloading


The unique tilting design allows fast unloading of the potatos. It is a machine that has a front gate where you have to run the machine.


This may cause the potatos to be thrown away from the machine, which makes the surrounding wet and may cause work accidents, because the machine needs to be running in the empty peled potatos.


With the PS12E machine, when the work is done, you just need to open the cover latches and tilt the whole machine down, all the peeled potatos.


Safety Standards


Operator safety is at maximum. The machine does not start when it detects the operator. Also, the electronic panel runs on low voltage and complies with the international standards.





w x l x h




12 kg

300 rpm.

0,37 kW

56 x 53 x 101 cm

12 kg.

260 kg.

Why PS12E?

  • "Why should i choose a potato peeler with a stainless steel disc? "

    "Very clear advantages: It looks beatiful unlike the black ugly carborandum. 2) It is hygienic compared to the carborandum 3) It is easy to service when the disc is worn out."

  • This machine looks different then the other potato peeler in the market. Why?

    "Because this machine has a tilting body, to easily empty the peeled potatos into a container beneath the machine. "

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