Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I buy YAZICILAR equipment?

    We have many distributors around the world. We are also looking for new partners for the future. If you are a professional distributor of food service equipment please contact us via our contact form. If you are an end user, you are most welcome. We deliver every piece of equipment to anywhere in the world. You can choose land or air transport. We will get a quote for delivery to your address and prepare you a full offer. Please contact us through the contact form on the website.

  • Do your products meet European Union standarts?

    All our production has been designed and is manufactured according to the European Union Directives and electrical safety standarts. They leave the factory after strict quality controls and according to standarts.

  • What kind of work safety measures exist in your machines?

    All YAZICILAR products offer the highest standarts in work safety measures available in today’s technology. These passive safety measures include: sensors, magnets and micro switches. ın addition to these measures, designers take into consideration the ergonomy of the user and details about the height and muscle power of the machine operator. All moving parts are enclosed in protective bodies. For doors and openings, sensors watch against any dangerous exposition. In addition warning labels and highly graphic user’s manuals put user safety to top priority.

  • Are your products CE labeled?

    All our products are CE marked. The copy of the certificate is included in the user’s manuals.

  • Do you export out of Turkey?

    Of course. Even if it is a single piece of equipment, we can ship everywhere using Izmir Airport, Izmir Port and land services. We work with the best logistic service providers and beyond a customs delivery, we can deliver to your door in Europe, America and many other places.

  • Does your products need additional papers to pass through European customs?

    No. All our EU deliveries are handled super fast. Our products are completely accepted and in par with European standarts. Turkey is a part of the European Customs Union, therefore there is no tariff or customs tax on our products in Europe.

  • Where are these machines manufactured?

    All the products you see on our website has been designed and manufactured in our modern manufacturing facility in Izmir, on the very west part of Turkey by the Aegean sea. All design, production, quality control and marketing is made under the same roof with great care.

  • What are the details of the after sales services you provide?

    All our products have 2 years of warranty against production errors and faulty parts. We are keen on answering every service problem in shortest period possible. We keep stock of parts of the old models according to Turkish laws. All our models have detailed exploded diagrams combined with a list of parts. When an international customer needs spare parts, if we have a partner there, we handle the servicing through their team. If the customer has purchased in a country with no authorized reseller, we make all the effort to support the customer and provide them with spare parts and service manuals. If you need tehnical or sales support please fill the contact form on the website. We are keen to help.

Please contact us for further inquiries.

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